Expose the Veteran Privy Counsellor's indiscretions

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From: Park and Palace: Society

Action Cost: 5

He's off again, holding forth on the "debased morality of the working classes." After what he's done! You can't stand another moment of his hypocrisy!

Game Instructions: This will sever your ties with society, allowing you to align with another group. Beware: You will lose all Favours: Society.

Unlocked with 1 x Compromising Document, Closest To - is: Society, Spending Secrets 4


A spoonful of truth

[…] a toast to three children in orphanages across the city, and their mothers in the House of Disportment, Mrs Murgatroyd's, and the nameless brothel on Takepenny Street. The Counsellor chokes […] You are ejected forcefully from the club […]

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