Favours: Society

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You've done somebody a good turn. Now, they're in your debt.

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It is impossible to raise this quality beyond the cap 7 under any circumstance. Excess from actions raising the quality is wasted after hitting the cap!

Notable sources[edit]

Source Action Location/Card Cost/Requirements Number of Favours Notes
Professions The Mystic's reward London 4 actions, Must be a Mystic 1 Once per week, after Time, the Healer
The Correspondent's Accomplishments 4 actions, Must be an Correspondent 1
The Conjurer's reward 4 actions, Must be a Conjurer 1
Storylets Graduate the Gifted Student University Laboratory (Place) 1 See University Laboratory (Guide)
Meet some high society types slumming it Mrs Plenty's Carnival Less than 5 x Renown 1
Honoured with a State Dinner Heartscross House 26 Actions 1 See Port Carnelian (Guide)
Graduate Pupil Fate Carousel Sinning Jenny's Finishing School 12 Actions 0-1 See Sinning Jenny's Finishing School (Guide), Also requires The Frequently Deceased
Cards Drop in for a chat A Visitthe Music-Hall Singer Acquainted 1
Nip an inconvenient rumour in the bud Park and Palace: Society 1 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip 1
Go for a glass of wine and a chat A Visitthe Functionary Acquainted 1 Also gives a Great Game Favour
A meeting with his peers A Visitthe Functionary Acquainted 3 1
Put up some money for an artistic endeavour More Larks with the Young Stags 500 x Piece of Rostygold 2 Must be The Young Stags' Club to draw the card
To make a point of treating them well A day out in your Clay Sedan Chair 1 Requires Clay Sedan Chair to draw
Defuse a Society feud The Calendrical Confusion of 1899 1
Peril and pyjamas The Heron Tower: Events at a Lair in the Marshes 1 Requires Key to a Lair in the Marshes to draw
Secure an invitation to a scandalous party The Tower of Eyes: Behind Closed Doors at a Handsome Townhouse Hedonist 4 0-1 Requires Key to a Handsome Townhouse to draw
Woods in winter The dance goes on 2 1 See Cave of the Nadir (Guide)
Contribute evidence to a case Respectable Passengers 5 x Sworn Statement 1 Found in Upper River
...is about to give a Whiskered Admiral a fit The Jovial Contrarian 1 See Attending a Party (Guide) drawn in Veilgarden (Party). Time Remaining... 2.
...has turned an alarming shade of purple The Whiskered Admiral... 1 See Attending a Party (Guide) drawn in Veilgarden (Party). Time Remaining... 2.
...has a business proposition The Tentacled Entrepreneur... Renown: Society 15 1 See Attending a Party (Guide) drawn in Veilgarden (Party). Time Remaining... 1.
You've not gone unnoticed Taking your Leave 1 See Attending a Party (Guide) drawn in Veilgarden (Party). Time Remaining... 0.
Find a decent home for your Mark of Credit Page Secrets and Spending 14 x Counting the Days and a Mark of Credit Page 1
Lend it to the Despondent Earl What will you do with your Thoroughbred Slug? Racing Slug of Fine Pedigree 1
Any choice on A card drawn through being a Shepherd 0-1,1, or 1-2 With Shepherd's Timepiece

Notable uses[edit]

Source Action Location Cost Reward Value/Notes
Storylets A boon from a Lady-in-Waiting The Shuttered Palace 1 x Favours 210 x Bottle of Greyfields 1882 E 4.2
Curry favour with the Duchess 50 CP Connected: The Duchess
'...I have a few friends yet in Society...' Disgraced exile in the Tomb-Colonies reduces Scandal on average by 4.9 CP
Assist acquaintances entangled in bureaucracy The Temple Club Jade Fragment amount highly variable, see action page for details
Ensure that their work is unfavourably reviewed The Empress' Court 30 CP Inspired... see Carving out a Reputation at Court (Guide)
Exchange a considerable quantity of Connections for London Street Signs 3 x Favours 5 x London Street Sign
1 CP Suspicion
E 12.5
An Ambivalent Scion Jericho Locks 4 x Favours 2 x Favour in High Places
1 x Night on the Town
E 27.5
Arrange the visit of a respected noblewoman The Labyrinth of Tigers 7 x Favours 23 x Tribute can be cashed in for a E 62.5 item
Cards Attend a lively salon Park and Palace: Society 1 x Favours ~20 CP Persuasive per favour If 0-30 Persuasive
Receive lessons in etiquette from a retired valet 3 x Favours If 31-70 Persuasive
Take port with the Veteran Privy Counsellor 5 x Favours If 71+ Persuasive
Break him out! Going gentle 2 x Favours 500 x Nevercold Brass Sliver
6 x Memory of Distant Shores
1 CP Someone Is Coming
Opening a Bundle of Oddities (up to ~80)
E 8, plus Bundle
Sneak the old gentleman out 350 x Cryptic Clue
100 x Silk Scrap
1 CP Someone Is Coming
Opening a Bundle of Oddities (up to ~80)
"The company I keep speaks for me." A visit from Slowcake's Amanuensis 1 x Favours +6-10 CP Making Waves
Pursue a Scheme: encourage the great and the good to attend your Salon The Tower of Eyes: Behind Closed Doors at a Handsome Townhouse 3 x Favours
1 x Favour in High Places
+5-7 CP Engaged in a Scheme: a Salon
Arrange the services of a Titled Surveyor A Jurisdictional Dispute 3 x Favours -2 CP In Corporate Debt
Admire the statue Under the Statue at Marigold Station 4 x Favours 2 x Magnificent Diamond E 25

The favours can also be used with an Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals to increase Renown: Society.