Extend your studies (Albatross)

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From: Assess your Progress regarding the Theory on the Nature of a Parabolan Albatross

You are learning a great deal about birds and not-birds. Perhaps you could put together a more complete study.

Game Instructions: This will produce a valuable one-of-a-kind item and triple the usual Prestige for your laboratory, but will require you to perform significantly more research.

Unlocked with Experimental Object exactly 410 (Study the Focused Albatross), Science: Experimental Stage exactly 1, 100 x Laboratory Research, 1 x Taciturn Mynah, 1 x Dazed Raven Advisor, 1 x Seven-Throated Warbler, 1 x Storm-bird

Locked with Comprehensive Study of Avian Anatomies, Oneiric and Otherwise


Cages filling the laboratory

Soon you can barely move for all the cages. The […] Warbler has some forty or fifty observations to offer to the Mynah. […]

The Raven Advisor tries to intervene[…] And as for the Storm-bird, […] it can't understand how it got into such company.

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Conclusion: Create your Comprehensive Study of Avian Anatomies