Extend your studies (Shark)

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From: Assess your Progress regarding the Theory on the Anatomy of the Pinewood Shark

You are learning a great deal about creatures of the Zee. You could make a comprehensive study.

Game Instructions: This will substantially extend your research, but produce a valuable one-of-a-kind item and triple the usual Prestige for your laboratory.

Unlocked with Experimental Object exactly 450 (Dissect the Pinewood Shark), 100 x Laboratory Research

Locked with Science: Experimental Stage, Unexpurgated Accounting of the Anatomies of Aquatic Life-forms


Preparing suitable tanks

You will need to keep, feed, and supervise a large number of fish of different types; you'll need supplies of fresh and salt water. The conversion of the laboratory will take at least two weeks.

Conclusion: Create your Unexpurgated Accounting of the Anatomies of Aquatic Life-forms