Face the (Parabolan Quarry) in (Quarry Home)

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Description summary:
Description and title varies with Parabolan Quarry.

Parabolan QuarryQuarry Home
Focused Albatrossits Eyrie
Seven-Throated Warblerits Terraced Nest
Storm-birdits Cloud
Honey-Mazed Bearits Cave
Carnivorous Aurochsits Grassy Plain
Pinewood Sharkits Pool
Iron-Toothed Terror Birdits Clearing
Ushabti-Vesselits Hiding Place
Curator Mr Veilsits Howling and Windy Home
Surface Mr Veilsa Parisian Salon
Parabolan QuarryDescription
Focused AlbatrossThe Eyrie is a hollow in the top of a rocky spire. It takes hours to climb, hours in which you are visible from all angles. Stealth is impossible. And for the last fifteen meters, the spire turns to glass […] The Albatross is up there, waiting for you.
Seven-Throated WarblerThere is a tree with seven trunks, supporting a canopy as high and wide as a chapel. The leaves are purple, fleshy, like a kitten's afterbirth. Crowning this tree is a nest, substantial enough to serve as a dirigible's basket.
Storm-birdThe ground has fallen away, and you are standing in a butt. It is wet and very cold. You cannot see more than a foot ahead. Dark shapes move in the mist.
Honey-Mazed BearA good cave, dry enough to hibernate in, but not so large that one cannot see everything at once. […] The walls of the cave are striped orange and yellow and scarlet like the side of a circus tent. There is a soft animal blanket on the bed of leaves.
Carnivorous AurochsA broad plain under a golden-orange sky. A smell of distant summer wildfire. Grazing herds that have not learned to fear a beast resembling themselves.
Pinewood SharkCoral grows in the open air, and climbs up the sides of the pinewood trees. Bright tropical fish nose at the fallen pinecones. When you breathe, you fill with water and your torso feels pleasantly heavy.
Iron-Toothed Terror BirdThis, too, is jungle. But the plants are older. There are no flowers here, only ferns and broad-leaved succulents, and vast iridescent snails.
Ushabti-VesselThe smell of water is in the air – as if you were never far from a wide river. Date palms form the canopy overhead.
Curator VeilsIs this the High Wilderness? Everything feels fast, cold, bleak, as though there is at once too little air and too much. As often in dreams, you are standing without having any ground to stand on.
Surface Veils[…] Veils of the Surface, trying to perch on a Louis Quinze chair […] while a […] diplomat speaks […] in French, outlining the terms of surrender. Is this […] An attempt that was already made and already failed?

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Unlocked with redirect from Continue towards (Quarry Home)

Storylet appears in Parabolan Base-Camp


Strike down the (Parabolan Quarry) here in (Quarry Home)
Give up and flee the Parabolan Quarry

Seven-Throated Warbler

Search the Nest


Search the Cloud (Airs 1-94)
Search the Cloud (Airs 95-100)

Iron-Toothed Terror Bird

Terrorbird irontoothed.png
Search the undergrowth