Search the Cloud 2

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From: Face the Storm-bird in its Cloud

There's a whole collection of things here, darker shapes in the mist.

Game Instructions: Searching the nest will reward you with something other than the Storm-bird, and end your current hunt. You will be able to begin another hunt afterward, if you wish.

Unlocked with Parabolan Quarry exactly 30 (Pick up the trail of the Storm-bird), Airs of Parabola 95-100


Lumpy and hard-edged

Here in the heart of the cloud, wrapped up in layer on layer of mist, like a child's cache of hidden sweets. The surface of the metal is clammy.

Alternative Success

A precious model

Here, wrapped tightly in cloud, as though someone had laid it in an aerial blanket, is a most-treasured of all treasured possessions. It is a perfect miniature ship, suitable for bathtub zailing.