February of the Calendar Council

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From: Knife-and-Candle: Find a sponsor

February is a revolutionary, and the avowed opponent of Mr Iron: but the Cottage is a neutral place, and she is seen here sometimes. She has been known to reward Savage players with Thirsty Bombazine, as long as they win.

Game Instructions: February may give you Thirsty Bombazine Scraps if your Savage is high at the end of a Hunt that you win - the higher the better, but aim for 100.

Unlocked with Connected: Revolutionaries 10, 2 x Knife-and-Candle: A Proud Parade of Victories, 1 x Moon League Token

Locked with Making your Moves


"A lingering look."

"I hope you won't disappoint me," she purrs. "Go forth, and cause havoc."