Feed your Philosophical Raven Advisor further

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From: Find a use for your Primaeval Hint

Your Raven's eyes are incandescent. By comparison, its snow-white feathers are drab. There is a fire in its belly that you must stoke with enlightenment.

Unlocked with 1 x Philosophical Raven Advisor, 1 x Primaeval Hint, 20 x Volume of Collated Research, 20 x Memory of Distant Shores

Locked with 1 x Pristine Raven's Egg


The cycle continues

[…] you find to your alarm that your Raven has made a nest of Collated Research in the fireplace! […]

It strikes the match and is engulfed in flames!

You beat out the flames...and find an egg lying in the ashes. […]

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