Find a way to deal with your Nightmares

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Your nightmares are becoming a real problem. You could talk to someone about it. Or resort to a pharmaceutical solution.

Unlocked with Nightmares 4

Storylet appears in Your Lodgings


Invite a friend over to Confess your Fears
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    Unlocked with 1 x Sudden Insight


    When Sent

    You've sent the invitation You pace anxiously, awaiting their arrival.

    Your friend will receive: Placeholder2small.png [Friend name] wants to share tales of dread. (This may increase your Nightmares slightly.)

    Once Accepted

    You will receive:

    You've spent the night unburdening yourself to [Friend name]. You feel a little better for it.

    Your friend will receive:

    Envelopesmall.png You've spent the night listening to the dread tales of [Friend name]. Your own dreams will be a little darker.