Find a way to throw the Constables off the scent

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The authorities are taking too keen an interest in your activities. Perhaps a friend could help.

Unlocked with Suspicion 4

Storylet appears in Your Lodgings


Ask a friend to cover for you
  •  Spoiler 
    Unlocked with Suspicion 3


    When Sent

    A potential alibi If your friend's prepared to bend the truth, the Constables will have a hard time making this one stick.

    In Messages Tab

    You will receive:

    You have asked [Friend's name] to help with the Suspicion surrounding you.

    Your friend will receive:

    • Secretsmall.png The Constables are investigating [your name]. Could you help them, and lower their Suspicion?

    Redirects to: Cover for an Acquaintance (sincere)