Chancing a Mark

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From: Secrets and Spending

Everyone is hunting for Marks of Credit - a promise for something in the Bazaar's vaults. Each one can run to volumes.

Unlocked with A Pocketful of Loose Change 4, Counting the Days 14

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 70%)


A piece of a Mark

You open up the slim volume of […] poetry, and there it is. A page from a Mark of Credit agreement, carelessly pushed in as a bookmark. You'll have something special if you can find its fellows. And if not, you know some people who'd appreciate it.

Description summary:
You found a Mark of Credit carelessly used as a bookmark in a book of poetry.

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You thought you'd tracked down one of these Marks. But no, it was a report from the Foreign Office on the Belgian snake trade.