Gift your Attar in tribute to the Roseate Queen

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From: Far Arbor (Palace)

Those who would seek her Majesty's favour should donate all that they have acquired.

Game Instructions: You will gain Favours in High Places.

Unlocked with 5 x Attar, The Rose-Red Streets exactly 5, Arbor: Permission to Linger


Citizen’s labour

The Queen's Peace presides over the donations. […] The extracted Attar is placed in a wax box, and immediately sealed, and the donor furnished with a promissory note from Her Majesty.

When it is your turn, you find that the cushion is soft […]

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Rare Success


The Queen's Peace lifts your eyelids with care […]

[…] With the application of honey and the Huz bee, he induces the Attar from your eyes. […] your service has not gone unnoticed by Her Roseate Majesty.

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Wiki note: The rare success rate seems to be 20-25% (based on 140 recorded attempts)