Give him your enormous Glim-Shard

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From: The Rubbery Glim-Trader

He trades in smaller pieces of glim, of course. But this one special, worthy of admiration. Even worship.

Game Instructions: This will trade the Glim-Shard for Rubbery favour and a large amount of amber.

Unlocked with 1 x Shard of Glim the Size of a Small Child

Locked with 7 x Favours: Rubbery Men


Choirs Commingled

Payment is provided in advance: Amber, of course. But also a palpable sense of gratitude.

He seems aware of just how huge and shiny the glim-shard is [...] Is he singing to it? He's brought a pram with him, which he uses to haul away the glim-shard.