Grab a briefcase as the carriage passes

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From: Losing the evidence

It might have some of the notes in, which will at least help your client's defence in court.

Challenge information

Broad, Shadowy 9

  • 7 - very chancy (46%)
  • 8 - chancy (53%)
  • 10 - modest (66%)
  • 11 - very modest (73%)
  • 13 - low-risk (86%)
  • 14 - straightforward (93%)
  • 15 - straightforward (100%)


It will help

The contents of the briefcase mainly concern some complex affair of embezzlement. There are a few pieces that mention your client, however. You have helped, if only a little. You are paid, if only a little.


Not the briefcase you are looking for

You go through the papers in the briefcase. A legal tussle over the legacy of a fishmonger. The trial notes concerning a burglary years ago. Something about quality standards for goats. Nothing about blackmail. Damn.