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Stealth, subtlety, cunning.

Shadowy improves as you attempt Shadowy tasks - you can improve it faster by spending Hastily Scrawled Warning Notes at your Lodgings.

Wiki note: This is your subtle and cunning skills, allowing you to exploit the dark and fascinating underground that is Fallen London. This is one of the four main Attributes

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See Shadowy Items for items that modify this quality.
See Shadowy-reducing Items for items that reduce this quality.

The cap on this quality is raised by Shadowy Gains. It is impossible to raise this quality beyond the cap 230 under any circumstance. Excess from actions raising the quality is wasted after hitting the cap!

For a guide to increasing Shadowy and the other main attributes, see Leveling (Guide).

Bonus Permanent Loss Failures 2nd chance
Items Actions Suspicion Hastily Scrawled Warning Note
Quality Title
0 - 2 (none)
3 - 9 Shadowy
10 - 14 Sly
15 - 19 Stealthy
20 - 39 Devious
40 - 59 Wily
60 - 79 Crafty
80 - 99 Sinister
100 - 149 Midnight
150 - 199 Shrouded in Shadows
200+ Invisible
Related Locations
Quality[1] Location Also Needed
1 - 70
60 - 100 The Flit
100 - 120 Mahogany Hall Persuasive
110 - 130 Wilmot's End Persuasive
120 - 130 Doubt Street
120 - 130 The Bone Market
200+ Upper River
  1. Note: These are the challenge levels for the location.
    In order to reach 90% you'll usually need around 50% more.

Highest Challenges[edit]

Actions with a Broad difficulty level of 250 or above.