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External guides not currently located on the wiki.
These guides are not hosted by the wiki, and the wiki isn't responsible for their contents.

  • Vainfire's Guide to London Optimization
This guide describes how to optimize your opportunity deck
  • The Nice and Profitable Grindings of mp, georg
This guide describes a complicated money-making scheme
  • The Great Vanity Guide to the Neath Or: How to Waste Your Echoes and Enjoy it!
This guide describes the most action efficient ways to reach Level 777 for the relevant discrete qualities with special QLDs at that level.
  • Fate-Locked Story Survey (2024 edition)
This page shows how the community rates different Fate-locked stories and material rewards.
  • Masterzora's Fate-Locked story sorting tool
This website allows you to sort Exceptional stories and other fate-locked stories based on categories and community rating
  • Lydie Aielle's item collection sorted by Stat, EPA etc. (Spreadsheet)
This sort-able spreadsheet is a collection of items and their sources in London. Somewhat old, misses some newer options.