Have a taste of the Toxicology Exhibit

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From: The Inorganic Sciences Wing

Well, the children of London have to learn to identify common poisons by their flavour eventually.

Game Instructions: This will hurt.

Unlocked with A Name Scrawled in Blood 7

Locked with Wounds 6 (A museum attendant takes one good look at you and tells you to "come back when you can stand up straight." Clearly they don't want anyone dying in their precious museum. That would be most unseemly.)

Challenge information

A matter of luck: A long shot...but you might win (success chance: 10%)



This exhibit is tactfully placed next to a lavatory. While you're in there, you arrive at many pertinent conclusions about what you have learned, thus far, of toxicology. Conclusions such as "don't drink poison."



Description summary:
The description varies based on The Airs of London.

The Airs of LondonDescription
1 - 19Discriminating aconite. It seems mostly inert, at first. And then it hits you like a punch to the gut. It knows what you did.
20 - 39Dilute solution of Cantigaster venom. The pain is brilliant and immense, too large for your body to contain.
40 - 59Extract of Amanita chthonica, the ghost cap. Your eyes rotate longitudinally in their sockets, twisting your optical nerves into taut strings.
60 - 79Rectified Queenly Attar. There is no pain; only the fog of pervasive exhaustion that permeates the rest of your day.
80 - 100Extract of Atropa illuminata, the Presbyter's nightshade. A terrible burning traipses around your body like a tourist. It makes sightseeing stops in your lungs, kidneys, and liver.

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