Head into a Viric Jungle

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From: Leave your Parabolan Base-Camp

Action Cost: 0

Something beckons to you among the fronds of green. […]

Description summary:
The text varies with Subject of a Trance-Dream.

(None)You can't see who it is, though..
Sinning JennyYou look: it is Sinning Jenny in scarlet stockings, looking very much like your wife.
Cheery ManYou look: it is the Cheery Man, smiling like you'd lived together for years.
Gracious WidowYou look: it is the Gracious Widow, dressed as she was on the night of your wedding (according to dreams).
Bishop of SouthwarkYou look: it is the Bishop of Southwark, looking as though he remembers being your husband.
Mr WinesYou look: it is Mr Wines, its hood lowered to reveal that chiropteran face you remember so well.

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Unlocked with Route: The Viric Jungle


Into the heart of the flower

A huge, stinking flower blooms by the path, petals the colour of coral. Climb into it. […] When you are as small as a bee, squeeze through into the nectared hollow. Drink the sweetness and wet your wings.

Now you are ready to enter the Viric Jungle.

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]