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From: Light Fingers: A Jewel for a Jewel

The Hybrid is silent and scared. You strain for a moment to lift it; Frank lumbers forward to help. Upon seeing Mr Fires, it shrieks.


For services rendered

[…] All pretence of nonchalance is gone […] "It's perfect," […] moon-milk into a copper dish. […] "It looks potent. It's perfect. At last! […] Yes, you've earned your diamond! […] I... appropriated this from the Mountain of Light," says Mr Fires […]

You have your prize. […]

Description summary:
Fires is very eager to have the Hybrid. It examines its moon-milk, and is very uncharacteristically pleased with its quality. It gives you the promised gem, which it reveals is indeed a piece of the fabled Mountain of Light in the south. One precious thing for another; a trade that Mr Fires is reluctant to conduct. But the Hybrid will perpetuate its plan to fill London with love, and the Stone can give life to the inanimate. A valuable thing indeed, well worth all the trouble that you have gone through to have it.

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