Host a Neathy dinner

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From: Preparing Dinner

You'll construct a meal from delicacies of the zee and specialities from distant lands.

Unlocked with 3 x Dinner: Far-Flung Preparations, 3 x Dinner: Sunless Preparations, 1 x Free Evening, Acquainted With [friend's name]

Your friend needs no Dinner: Invited [your name], Acquainted With [your name]

When Sent

Lively flavours

Every morsel will have been nursed by the lawless darkness of the Neath. Hopefully, none of these ingredients will crawl away while you're preparing them. […] ensure it is all thoroughly cooked, or at least nailed down, before you begin eating.

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If you plan to poison your acquaintance:

If you plan to serve a Counterfeit Head:

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

You invited [friend's name] to a Neathy dinner.

Your friend will receive: