Host a traditional London meal

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From: Preparing Dinner

The city is your home. Offer your acquaintance the best it has to offer.

Unlocked with 3 x Dinner: Sunless Preparations, 3 x Dinner: English Preparations, 1 x Free Evening, Acquainted With [friend's name]

Your friend needs no Dinner: Invited [your name], Acquainted With [your name]

When Sent

A taste of the city

London is odd, yet refined. Dignified, even in the awkwardness of circumstances. Londoners have adapted to the Neath, and made it their own. Your meal reflects that: it is eclectic and improvised, but entirely edible.

If you plan to poison your acquaintance:

If you plan to serve a Counterfeit Head:

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

You invited [friend's name] to a proper London meal.

Your friend will receive: