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From: Upstairs at the Bridge Without

The crowd is thicker inside the pub than out. You elbow your way to the stairs, where a strapping groom stands to let you past.


A Voyage of Scientific Discovery

[…] "[…] the Dilmun Club[…] a geographical society. […] give you the chance to prove yourself. […] watch out for that bore Orthos. […]"

The charts […] show two islands […] close to London, and one […] in the Sea of Voices. […] go to your lodgings[…]

Description summary:
The Dilmun Club want you to go on a scientific expedition about the Unterzee. Watch for Doctor Orthos, who's doing the same and dislikes competition. There are two nearby islands to explore, and one in the Sea of Voices. This can help with your academic reputation at the University. Go to your lodgings to prepare.

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