Inquiry into the Filtration of Light

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From: Dream Up A New Experiment

Further conceptions that might be dangerous to think.

Game Instructions: This will begin a project that will increase your maximum Artisan of the Red Science. It will also cause Nightmares.

Unlocked with Artisan Studies exactly 1, Those who value safety over knowledge do not learn such things as you have come to know. ( Base Artisan of the Red Science 6)

Locked with Experimental Object


Colours that are and colours that are not

Cosmogone from the Parabolan sun, viric leaking from the jungle. If you look at the colours and shadows as though you were reading Correspondence, you can see law: instruction, interdiction. Then your hair erupts.

Success Instructions: This requires 300 Parabolan Research, as well as a substantial amount of research in your Laboratory.

Conclusion: Finish your Inquiry into the Filtration of Light