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From: The D__nable Box

You have the box. You can't open it yet, but for now it's yours. But there are others after it. Best find out who.

Unlocked with 13 x A Boxful of Intrigue, 1 x A Heavy Iron Box, A Power in Waiting -


A particularly desirable little box

[…] A devil is offering handfuls of rostygold for information. A pair of ladies, widely suspected of being Special Constables, are making discreet enquiries not far from your lodgings. […]

Perhaps it's time to get the d__ned thing open.

Description summary:
You and the box have a history. First you stole it for the Stuttering Fence, then you looked after it because of Jasper and Frank (enforcers of the Masters).

The search for the key lead you to the Kashmiri Princess, who turned out to be twins. Many people are looking for the box.

It's really time to get it open.

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