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From: Customisation of your viric dream

Perhaps they can be woven into the Phantasie?

Unlocked with Subject of a Trance-Dream exactly 100, The Robe of Mr Cards


Secrets kept

On the ledger, they write CUSTOM ORDER, and fill a page with copious notes. They ask to examine your back, above the shoulderblades - where wings will one day emerge. "For verisimilitude, you understand."

[…] the Shopkeeper gives you […] three pills […]

Description summary:
You receive three pills and a light green crystal pendant. Place one pill under your tongue and gaze at the pendant while falling asleep, and don't take more than one at a time.

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  • Sleepingsmall.png Your trance-dreams will be focused on your transformation, and your future together. (Sets Subject of a Trance-Dream to 105 - Dreams of Mr Wines as your partner, in life and in your transformation)
  • Viricsmall.png You have three Viric dreams coming to you, bought and paid for. (Sets Dreaming in Viric to 3)

First dream: At the Edge of Sleep