Inventory Catalogue

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For displaying all items in a category with images and restrictions and without their equipped effects.

Equipable items (like Hats, Companion or Home Comforts) are sorted like they would sort in-game making comparing the page to your collection easier. This is unfortunately not true for normal (non-wearable) item categories.

Display modes:

  • Just icons is mirroring the in-game inventory view. Just images with no text, names on the tooltip. When enabled, various restrictions are highlighted using the border colour.
    • Non-restricted items use grey borders,
    • retired ones use white,
    • Fate-locked ones are green,
    • seasonal items are universally blue (regardless the season),
    • and Ambitions use orange.
    • When multiple restrictions would apply, multiple borders will be colored, (except for retired, which overrides all other restrictions).
  • Tight list and Bulleted list are simple lists with small images and visible item names. All restrictions are clearly highlighted in text after the item name.

Only items with recorded IDs are visible and the list will warn you at the bottom if there are missing items (with a number and a link to view them). However the wiki possesses almost every item ID, so the missing ones are most likely unobtainable.

 name = Equipment Lists
 template = Template:EquipmentList/Template1
 form = EqList
 result = EqListResult
 param = cat|Category|Companion|select|Hat,Clothing,Gloves,Weapon,Boots,Companion,Affiliation,Transport,Home Comfort,Tools of the Trade,Treasure,Academic,Advantage,Book,Cartography,Contraband,Curiosity,Currency,Elder,Epistolary,Goods,Great Game,Historical,Infernal,Influence,Legal,Keys,Luminosity,Mysteries,Nostalgia,Osteology,Rag Trade,Ratness,Rubbery,Rumour,Sustenance,Theological,Wild Words,Wines,Zee-Treasures
 param = fate|Include Fate Items?|fate_no|toggleswitch|fate_yes,fate_no
 param = seasonal|Include Seasonal Items?|seasonal_no|toggleswitch|seasonal_yes,seasonal_no
 param = ambition|Include Ambition Items|No Ambition|select|No Ambition,Nemesis,Bag a Legend!,Heart's Desire!,Light Fingers!
 param = wq|Include World Quality Items?|wq_no|toggleswitch|wq_yes,wq_no
 param = SMEN|Include SMEN Items?|SMEN_no|toggleswitch|SMEN_yes,SMEN_no
 param = retired|Include Retired Items?|retired_no|toggleswitch|retired_yes,retired_no
 param = display|Display mode|Just icons|select|Just icons,Tight list,Bulleted list
 param = highlight|Enable highlighting?|highlight_yes|toggleswitch|highlight_yes,highlight_no
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