Invite a friend to join you in Fallen London

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From: The song of the Mandrake

Send your mandrake to serenade them!

When Sent

The Mandrake's singing

Your invitation is en route. Surely no one can resist the delightful strains of Mandrake song. Perhaps your vegetable friend will bring you something delicious from the Surface, too.

Your friend will receive:

Mandrakesmall.png [Friend] has sent their Deshrieked Mandrake to serenade you! The little vegetable's song is sweet and haunting. Follow it and join your friend in the rich, dark, subterranean world of Fallen London.

Once Accepted

You will receive:

[Friend] has joined you in Fallen London! And they brought you something interesting...

Your friend will receive:


In messages, the invitation is refered to as "A Mandrake arrives" Twitter/facebook message is: [Friend] has sent their Deshrieked Mandrake to invite you to Fallen London!