Invite the Rubbery Newcomer

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From: The Streets of London: Hallowmas

One shouldn't walk alone at Hallowmas. Particularly when one is tentacular, dripping with fluids and skittish as a colt.

Game Instructions:

YearGame Instructions
2021You will gain the Rubbery Newcomer. It's possible to upgrade this companion during Hallowmas.
2022 - 2023The Rubbery Newcomer is a companion who could be advanced at a past Hallowmas.

Locked with Rubbery Newcomer


Rubbery observations

[…] He holds out a tentacle, attempting a gesture. Warm amber slicks your palm. […] With an audible popping, the Newcomer […] falls in beside you.

[…] On more than one occasion you find a gentle tentacle pulling you from some errant ladder or misplaced crate […]

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