Invite the Viscountess to the Board

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From: Explore adding to the Board

It is traditional for every Mayor, sitting or departed, to be at least considered for the Board.

Game Instructions: This will not start an entire new meeting; the Viscountess will join you immediately. The Viscountess will take a strong interest in how the affairs of the Railway overlap those of Parabola.

Unlocked with The Viscountess' Current Occupation: is Mayor of London or Enjoying her Retirement (World Quality, now available)

Locked with Board Member: The Viscountess of the Viric Jungle


Judged on past history

The Viscountess gives a polite speech about the honour it is to join the Board of the railway. […]

Description summary:
The rest of the success description varies if you endorsed a candidate in the 1898 election. If you endorsed the Viscountess, her variant replaces the entire success description rather than adding to it.

Endorsement in 1898 ElectionsHer Side Remarks
N/AThere are so many duties accruing to London's mayors, but, she feels, this is one of the most interesting.
The Tentacled EntrepreneurIt contains a few side remarks on the fact that the Board endorsed the Tentacled Entrepreneur – but, she remarks, the less said on that the better. She is glad to be here now, and is happy to work for the good of all Londoners, including the Rubbery […]
F.F. GebrandtIt contains a few side remarks on the fact that the Board endorsed F. F. Gebrandt in the election, but the Viscountess does not mean to refer back to this incident too frequently. After all, she did win.
HerselfThe Viscountess gives a very pretty speech about how honoured she is to join an institution with the good sense to endorse her […] She has, perhaps, one or two small comments to make on the way that the Railway's advertisements chose to depict her […]

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