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From: The Constabulary of the Evenlode

Few below the rank of sergeant are playing. But there's a chair empty, and no one else seems about to sit.

Locked with Seeing Banditry in the Upper River 6, Tried to Join Cards (hidden)


An excessive reaction

[…] everyone at the table leaps to their feet […] brings out a […] stone. They clasp this to their chest […]

demanding to know why you were let in […] you're the one 'oo did the Met all them favours […] For now, they'll count you as one of them […]

Description summary:
There is an altercation about you sitting where they should not. The cops exhibit considerable superstitiousness, clasping stones to their chests as if they are wards against the misfortune that your presence has somehow invited. They calmed down after some of them said you have done other cops some favours. Supposedly, you would get a stone, but only get it after you "truly" become an Evenloder.

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