Join the Wandering Gondolier

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From: Jericho: The Canals

He is waving cheerily at his fellow gondoliers. They are not waving back.

Unlocked with Call of the Wanderer exactly 4


Ancien régime

The Wandering Gondolier […] introduces him as the Doleful Poleman, second in rank […] […]

"He's very accomplished," the Wandering Gondolier 'whispers' to you […] The Captain scowls. "Careful what you tell outsiders," […]

[…] "Oh, look at the time! It must be lunch."

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  • Boatmanlampsmall.png Take lunch with the Wandering Gondolier. (Sets Call of the Wanderer to 5 - You are accompanied by a Wandering Gondolier)

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