Knife-and-Candle (Historical)

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A historical page on the old version of Knife-and-Candle.

The Gameplay[edit]

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In no particular order. Getting a new rank also meant you might unlock new tactics.

  • Fog-shadow, gold.png
Fog-Shadow, bronze/silver/gold
  • Officer of the Troublesome Rose, Silver.png
Officer of the Troublesome Rose, bronze/silver/gold
  • Officer of the Extinguished Candle, Gold.png
Officer of the Extinguished Candle, bronze/silver/gold
  • Officer of the Midnight, Bronze.png
Officer of the Midnight, bronze/silver/gold
  • Lurker, Silver.png
Lurker, bronze/silver/gold
  • Seeker, Bronze.png
Seeker, bronze/silver/gold


Exotica had a different function, back in the day. Instead of being usable, they gave you resources when you made kills.


Echoes could be stolen, and there were other things as well.

The top 100 players by the end of the game got an Apple of Discord.