Lay track through open city, and keep your workforce well fed

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From: The Next Stretch of Track

Pay off those whose houses you are going to need to explode, and offer plenty of pie to your workers.

Unlocked with 1 x Comprehensive Bribe, 5 x Perfumed Gunpowder, 3 x Railway Steel, Terrain Surveyed 1-2, 5 x Basket of Rubbery Pies

Locked with Tracklayers' Work Stoppage, Track Laid 3, Discovered: a Non-Existent Block (hidden)


Take down the stone and brick

Furnace […] takes a sniff. "Mrs Plenty's work," […] "I'd know it anywhere." But she closes it up […] and puts it away.


Then, after about two weeks of work, Furnace comes to you […] "We've come to a block that we can't build through because it's not there." […]

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