Stepping across a twist in the streets

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Furnace brings you down to the […] missing block. It isn't obviously absent. […]

If you set your foot on the pavement […] you are a block further […] facing the other direction.

"[…] might not land on its tracks […] launching locomotives all over the neighbourhood […]"

Description summary:
The railway project has come across a space-time anomaly that teleports anything that enters one spot in its boundary out the opposite side, turned the opposite direction. Furnace considers the possibilities, but concludes London isn't ready for flying locomotives.

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Unlocked with multiple redirects from The Next Stretch of Track

Storylet appears in Moloch Street


Get a look into the houses that aren't there
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    Success Instructions: From here, you can advance the Railway by calling a board meeting. Those with access to a Reflection of their Laboratory may find value in visiting there as well.