Leave the barge (The Eversmoulder)

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From: Jericho: The Tributaries of Hell

On the left bank, a water wheel churns the canal water. The mill building is aflame, the fire coursing along the wooden wheel like a Catherine Wheel. It smokes in the water and emerges again to relight.

Unlocked with Waters of Jericho 31 - 54 (hidden)


A fallen outpost

This is the Eversmoulder. Once it belonged to Hell, to power the camp which monitored the canals east of its walls […]

[…] a stone box at the base of the waterwheel. Messages from smugglers and traders […] graffiti on the walls […]

Description summary:
While the water wheel is inaccessible to you because it is somehow still burning after many years, there is a stone box that contains messages from people who ply the waterways. The walls of the water wheel also have graffiti containing coded secrets.

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