Let him offer a train tour to (Hinterland Location)

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Furthest StationFlyer Text
Ealing GardensSee the Unspoilt Wilderness of the Neath! Ride past the Majesty of Helicon House!
Jericho LocksEnjoy the Calming Waters of the Isis River! Feel the Engineering Prowess of the Locks!
Magistracy of the EvenlodeWatch London's Constables at Work! View the Cyclopean Stones of the Magistracy!
BalmoralVisit Her Enduring Majesty's Own Country Estate! Encounter a Deer!
Station VIIIRide Past a Station of No Particular Interest! Enjoy a Calming Train Ride with the Curtains Drawn!
Burrow-infra-MumpSee the Landscape of Burrow-infra-Mump! Enjoy the Airs of the Distant Hinterland!
MoulinEncounter History at the Moulin Wastelands! See the Remains of the War Against Hell!
The HurlersSee the Majesty of Neath-Winter! Cruise past Standing Stones of No Particular Interest!
Marigold StationSee the Very Edge of Hell!
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From: A Tomb-Colonist Tour

Your Neotenous Undersecretary has already prepared flyers: (see above table)

Game Instructions: Rewards on this card will increase as you add more stations to your railway. The level of banditry in the upper river affects your odds of getting different rewards.

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 80%)

Base success chance is 80%, reduced by 10% for each level of Seeing Banditry in the Upper River


A Leisurely Tour

You are told the full complement of Tomb-Colonists safely disembarked back at Moloch Street Station, with all body parts intact except for any that spontaneously chose to stay behind. Payment is promptly provided, if a little dusty.


A Savage Tour

You are told that the Tomb-Colonists had a great time fending off bandit attacks […] Upon arriving back at Moloch Street Station, they promptly demanded their money back […]Then they asked the Neotenous Undersecretary when they could have another go. […]

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