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London's fad for fossils has drawn the Carpenter's Granddaughter to the Neath. Her search for the truth behind her mother's legacy will draw her deeper still: to the Gant Pole where great beasts dwell and die. Will you support her expedition? Can you avoid the attentions of the fell haruspices who reside there? And will you return the same as you were?

This is a FATE-locked story.

Author: Mary Goodden
Artist: Tobias Cook
Editing and QA: Olivia Wood, James Chew

It was originally published as an Exceptional Story in May 2021.

The story can be unlocked from The Fate page for 45 FATE points.
It can be reset for 25 FATE points.

More information can be found here.

Notable Rewards and Tie-ins

Starting Storylet

Permanent starting storylet