Listen to the Cartographer

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From: Ambition: Light Fingers! The Blind Cartographer

"You'll be lookin for the Orphanage I spose." He measures a slice of lemon meringue tart with filthy fingers and waves it in your general direction. "You want some free advice wiv yer pie?"


The Cartographer's counsel

[…] "I bin there once an look how that turned out. Pulled my own eyes out. […] There ent no gettin in there less the Masters want you […] The darkness round the Orphanage int natural. You need an everlastin candle […]I appen to ave one […]"

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  • Lightfingerssmall.png Ambition: Light Fingers! has increased to 42 - Continue exploring the Orphanage. If you need to leave, you can return in Spite!