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From: Knife-and-Candle: The Underground Leagues

Action Cost: 0

They meet in a tumbledown cottage in the fungus-woods behind the Medusa's Head. There, the Sharp-Eyed Gamekeeper addresses a heavily armed group of women and men.

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The rules!

"A rule: […]

That is all. I'll see you soon."

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Success Instructions:
A rule: when the opportunity arises, you may select a Form or choose a target.

A rule: the rules may change at any time.

As long as you remain without a Form, you may not be attacked or attack, until the opportunity arises to choose another Form. You may give up your Form, if the opportunity arises, to gain a breathing space.

A rule: when you are evenly matched against a defender, the odds are even.

A rule: take an Iron Knife Token from one you defeat.

A rule: if ever you give up your last Token, you will be eliminated. (A Moon League Token is enough to secure your safety.)

A rule: a more serious brush with Death will remove all your tokens.

A rule: you will receive three additional tokens every three days - approximately.

A rule: periodically, we may publish the names of the most successful.

A rule: you may seek sanctuary at the Cottage. You will not be attacked while you do so.