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From: Ambition: Meeting Mr Pages

If you want to ask it about the previous winners of the Marvellous, you'll first need to find where it spends its time while here.

Unlocked with 5 x Antique Mysteries, Ambition: Heart's Desire! 230 - 234

Locked with Mr Pages' Clue


Mr Pages' away from home

[…] you find the proprietor forthcoming, in exchange for a gift of information on a storehouse of Queen Anne chairs […] Mr Pages keeps a suite of attics […]

"Ah," Pages says, "[…] A name, nothing more: Gregory Beechwood, formerly of his parish." […]

Description summary:
After bribing some antique dealers with access to terrible antiques, you discover that Mr. Pages owns the attics of some buildings in the Bazaar's Side-Streets. You find Mr. Pages, and it gives you a name. Very informative.

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