Look through the porthole

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From: Spiralling Deeper with the (Diving-Bell) 1

Gaze into the murky depths surrounding you.

Game Instructions: New sights will appear outside as you descend.

Unlocked with Hull Health 60


Gazing into the abyss

Description summary:
The description changes as you progress in the story.

Hull HealthDescription
100The Khanate's light-bulbs aren't necessary yet. All around your diving-bell, luminous jellyfish swarm. […] "A jillyfish," says the Naturalist. "Toxic tentacles on that beauty. […] They're the glowing group - my specialty."
95In the waters above, bound-sharks are circling a fresh shipwreck.

Debris floats down past the porthole. […] And, of course, bodies. […]

The Youthful Naturalist looks away.
90Another face peers back through the porthole. […] "Probably going to tell the others," says the Naturalist. "They don't like me coming down here. […] But they won't stop us this time."
85Far away, almost too far to see in the gloom, a veritable behemoth of the deep: a Midnight Whale. […] But the creature is embattled with an even bigger beast. […] Its song will life in the water long after its death.
80Nothing but blackness outside – unless there's a deeper colour within the blackness. […] Patterns appear, black on black, when you can finally distinguish between them. […] Does the Youthful Naturalist see them too? His eyes are closed. Maybe he does.
75Something sparkles outside the porthole. […] "It's a spine," says the Naturalist.

An enormous spine, taller than a cathedral's spire. More cluster around the first. […]

Deadly points twinkle like drowned stars all around.
61-70Another zubmersible vessel is caught on the spines. Not simply caught: speared from every angle. […]

"That must be the Fortas Kettle," says the Naturalist. […]

There are no lights in the ship. Curious fish swim through broken portholes.

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