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If you are new to the game check out the Beginner's Guide. There are also some other fabulous guides! These are also two great resources: Broad Difficulty, Narrow Difficulty

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A Quick Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki
(created by PSGarak on 19:00, 18 July 2021)
As the primary zealot of Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) around here, it's basically on me to advocate for it if I want anyone else to care about it. I've finally found some time to begin writing an explainer series for how SMW works, what benefits it can bring to the Fallen London wiki, and how to put it […]
Template Editor Group
(created by Alan on 05:57, 30 June 2021)
I finally got around to creating the template editor group.
Instead of fully protecting certain heavily-used templates so only administrators can edit them, this group allows us to grant more users the right to edit the aforementioned templates.
Currently, I've only downgraded the protection level […]
How to organise item Gain pages so people can see easily how to get stuff
(created by Wriothesley on 18:25, 23 June 2021)
Sorry I'm a regular but not hardcore player and I'm also not very familiar with wiki templates and coding. Is there a better way to organise item Gain pages by number gained and requirements so people can easily see at a glance how to get stuff? Can it be done automatically or would this involve a […]