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From: The Legacy of (Hinterland City - Founding Body)

Most of the crowd gathered to watch are Liberationists.

Unlocked with Supporting the Liberationist Tracklayers > ( Supporting the Emancipationist Tracklayers + Supporting the Prehistoricist Tracklayers)


Hinterlandcity.png [City Name]

All that is still forming. The city is not yet itself. Interests shift; powers realign. […] But now there is work to do.

Description summary:
The first word of the title depends on the city's location, while the second varies with its founder and alignment. The description begins with the city's appearance (if selected). The first three sentences listed above are followed by a snippet based on the city's location and an additional one if Furnace is not its founder.

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Success Instructions: In future, opportunity cards in the Upper River and in London will reflect the consequence of what has happened here. You will have a chance to speak to those who might still have things to say. For the moment, Marigold awaits you.

LocationFirst word of the title
Station VIIIMasters'
Foundation Second word of the title
Alignment Furnace Furnace, Starved Cornelius Your Double Manager’s Double
Liberationist Bluff Cautery Mandible Outopos Post-House
Radical Liberationist
Prehistoricist Acropole Transplant Scapula Antipolis Crossroads
Radical Prehistoricist
Emancipationist Citadel Stronghold Jawbone Countertown Refuge
Radical Emancipationist
Anti-Liberationist Pinnacle Hybrid Femur Dawn Lighthouse
Anti-Prehistoricist Stovepipe Cross Thighbone Commencement Hostelry
Anti-Emancipationist Kiln Strain Balljoint Counter-Commune Inn
Mixed Unionville Hollow Marrowbone Erewhon Bethlehem
Balanced Tracktown Absence Stockbone Erewhyna Embassy
Complacently Unrevolutionary Flat Analgesic Tendon Relondon Rest
StyleFirst paragraph(s)
First CityThe Manager […] has lived a long time […] known many cities […]

So, though it is new, the refuge built of his substance seems millennia old. […]

Most of all, it is built as a place of refuge and hospitality […] The most recognisable buildings are all communal […]
BethlehemThe Manager […] knew many shapes of fear and dread, and the city knows them too. Eyes look up from the cracks between cobblestones. A smell of rotted meat rises from the basements. […] No one will choose to attack the city and claim it for themselves […]
School of BeatriceThere are few long vistas in the city […] The streets are terraced […] That much draws on Beatrice’s vision […] The Manager has made it a place of refuge […] The most recognisable buildings are dormitories and refectories, hospitals and houses of mental refuge.
PorousThis is a city like a wasp's nest: the houses nestled together in cells, their walls papery […] Just here and there […] is […] some token of Cornelius' greater vision: a bronze replica of a mammoth skeleton; a painting of the ancestors of Rubbery Men […]
IvoryThis is a city that envisions many non-human inhabitants. The streets […] wide enough to accommodate a mammoth […]

[…] murals depict the history of the Neath […]

[…] Hillchanger Tower […] as an animate building bent down to shake hands with a giant tomb-colonist.
AttenuatedThe streets are terraced […] the buildings assembled from lofts and mezzanines. They are buttressed like a gothic cathedral, stretched and tall – as if something of the Starved Men had appealed to Furnace, and reshaped her in her last human days.
RememberedEverywhere you look is something born from your own thoughts. […] This sill is arched […] like the brow of someone dear to you. But this is not Parabola. […] not your own dream-place. Other people live here. […] someone […] sings your mother's favourite lullabye.
True BeatriceThere are few long vistas […] few places that recommend themselves as a seat of power. The streets are terraced at many levels, the buildings assembled from lofts and mezzanines. To walk through the city is to encounter one cozy courtyard after another […]
LocationLocation-based snippet
It remains to be seen how the city gets on with its neighbours.
BalmoralAlready the moonlight of Balmoral lends another hue to the cooling walls.
Station VIIIAlready the dirigible of Station VIII is moving in this direction.
BurrowAlready the parish elders of Burrow are planning how to respond: invitations to join the choir? A church fête?
MarigoldIt remains to be seen how the city gets on with its neighbours, under the white walls – and you have your own final building to do at Marigold.
FounderFounder-based snippet
CorneliusThere are things not said between you and Furnace – about what you have done, and why you have done it, and about whether old wounds are now healed.
Your Double/
Manager’s Double
There are things not said between you and Furnace – about what you have done, and why you have done it.