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From: Eureka!

It hits you all at once. How could you have missed it?


To ask the right question

Description summary:
The description varies based on your current Experimental Object.

Experimental ObjectDescription
10, 910How does one create an effect with no cause? Can a bomb be its own fuse?
20, 810, 820, 830The microstructure will only make sense when examined in the light of the macrostructure.
30The coin has seven sides. But it is not a regular heptagon – the angles are ever so slightly off from exactly 1/7th of a turn.
40If gravity begets motion, does motion beget gravity? And if so, can that principle be exploited in railway propulsion?
110, 120The blade is not only very sharp – its shape is designed to cut flesh from bone, at the specific scale of a very large animal...
130The pattern on the rifle is over a hundred years old now, adapted from a flintlock design. But examples made with Neathy materials have telling, distinctive features.
140 - 160In Parabola, motive is matter. Certain calculations can only be performed in the right frame of mind, through the temporary adoption of exacting beliefs.
210Mirrors have been known to react to cats and honey, but what is the mechanism of this reaction? What methodology could be used to study it effectively?
230, 250If maps are treacherous, are the territories they represent any more reliable? And if not, do they have tendencies, proclivities, vices that can be predicted and exploited?
240The task is to assemble a map, but its component pieces need not be themselves maps. They can be charts, poems, love letters, fragments from dream diaries, old palimpsests, tea stains carefully cut out from paper...
310, 320, 330, 350, 360Can a machine manufacture laws? Can you turn an edict on a lathe, forge a commandment, smelt a taboo?
410 - 485, 495, 510 - 540, 610What does it mean to be monstrous? Some would say it is merely an external observation, imputed onto one by others. But perhaps there is an inherent element of monstrousness; one that might be distilled, removed, or increased.
920One thinks of railway steel as a surface on which trains ride. But perhaps it serves a dual purpose. Perhaps it means something to the earth beneath it, too – a cage? A brace? An adornment?
930, 940, 950, 980, 990The substance is toxic, but only in some circumstances. And what metabolic changes might render it safe to consume?
1010 - 1050, 1210, 1320, 1340The letters burn – but what's in the ash they leave behind?
1350Someone from the Khanate – someone with considerable gifts as an artificer – made this piece out of a much, much older material.

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