Making Your Name! A Contract to Destroy an Infestation of Sorrow-Spiders

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From: The Department of Menace Eradication

'Applicants should not be troubled by fear of spiders, and should not be overly nice about foul odours. Bring back the legs.'

Game Instructions: Complete this contract to unlock new stories.

Unlocked with A Name Scrawled in Blood exactly 1

Locked with Menace Eradication Contract: Sorrow-spider infestation


It could be worse, they could have said "Bring back the eyes."

These little charmers sneak into rooms at night and bite the eyes off sleepers. Apparently they don't attack when you're awake. Unless there's dozens of them. An infestation, for example.

Success Instructions: You'll need to build up a Running Battle... quality to at least 4 to complete this.

Redirects to: Destroy an Infestation of Sorrow-Spiders