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From: Mr Slowcake (Card)

You have championed his cause. Surely you deserve this much.

Unlocked with 10 x Reputation, You have pledged your support to - Mr Slowcake


In the hinterlands of Hell


Description summary:
The success description varies with Meeting Mr Slowcake.

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Meeting Mr SlowcakeDescription
0[…] You are put on a noon train from Moloch St Station.[…] […]He introduces himself as 'Chester'. The conversation is amiable if superficial; he gets biscuit crumbs on his shirt.[…] and doesn't remove his mask until he thinks you've stopped looking.
1[…] Chester returns, a new smile painted on his face. His conversation is animated. […] His smile never leaves his face. Occasionally sweat drips from the eyeholes. He escorts you back to the train and this time the mask stays on.
2[…] Chester is back. His manner is dismal; his clothes bedraggled. The biscuits are stale and the tea is cold. […] He chases after the train, banging on the windows. It is too late. He hurls his flesh-mask in frustration. […]
3[…] You enter the waiting room. It is empty but for tea and biscuits. Eventually, someone comes to take you back to the train.
4[…] A devil in a sharp pinstripe suit is pouring wine […]. "Hello. I am Mr Slowcake, or, rather, I am responsible for Mr Slowcake." He lays the whole scheme out for you. […] "And thus began Mr Slowcake and Slowcake's Exceptionables." […]
5[…] A large figure sits in the shadows of the waiting room. […] she is female, and Chester's mask sits awkwardly on her face. "Yup. It's me. Mr Slowcake. More tipple?" The interview is irreverent and uproarious. […]
6+[…] The Amanuensis is waiting for you[…]. "We've run out of candidates willing to pretend to be Mr Slowcake. […]" […] Mr Slowcake is not real; has never been real; […] The real goal has been the observation and measurement […] on the mortal soul. […]