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Unlocked with


  1. Sinning Jenny – Mistress of London
  2. The Bishop of Southwark – Bishop of London
  3. The Jovial Contrarian – Statesman of London
  4. The Dauntless Temperance Campaigner – Guardian of London
  5. The Implacable Detective – Sentinel of London
  6. Feducci – Contender of London
  7. Mr Slowcake – Editor of London
  8. The Jovial Contrarian – Restorer of London
  9. The Captivating Princess – Pride of London
  10. Mrs Plenty – Grand Dame of London
  11. Madame Shoshana – Prophetess of London
  12. Virginia – Heroine of London
  13. F.F. Gebrandt
  14. The Viscountess of the Viric Jungle
  15. The Tentacled Entrepreneur