Meet some urchins

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From: The Sideshows

Action Cost: 2

Urchins from various gangs treat the carnival as neutral ground. They are staring, rapt, at Madame Shoshana as she prognosticates.

Game Instructions: This will earn you a Favour and increase your Renown: Urchins. Once your Renown reaches 5, it will no longer be available.

Unlocked with 1 x Carnival Ticket

Locked with 7 x Favours: Urchins or Renown: Urchins 5


"Evenin' guv!"

You secure your valuables and go to speak to the darling children. Many are wide-eyed with fear or wonder […] but a few kind words and a forgotten boiled sweet has them back […] They gossip happily and promise future services with youthful carelessness.

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