Meet the Unyielding Highlander

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From: Balmoral: The Veteran Privy Counsellor Sends His Regards

A man of distinguished bearing is approaching your table.

Unlocked with Opening Balmoral exactly 3 (hidden)


To old alliances


"I look forward to working with you. I'm glad my home will be in greater union with London […] For too long has it been neglected by those who swore to look after it."

The Veteran Privy Counsellor […] hands the Unyielding Highlander a silver seal […]

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Success Instructions: You can now arrange a meeting of the Board to appoint a Castellan to Balmoral Castle. This will permit you access to the castle. There will be opportunities to unappoint him in future.
Wiki note: You also have another alternative, the initiating point of which is here.