Mrs Winthrop's Purifying Soap

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From: Take on a new campaign

Action Cost: 0

It promises to "Remove the filth of the Neath".

Game Instructions: This is the least challenging campaign, and offers a reward of Intriguing Snippets.


Neathly impurity

[…] a stern brief that attributes the dark of the Neath not merely to the absence of sunlight, but to an inherent dirtiness. Apparently, Mrs Winthrop's Purifying Soap is the only product that can rid London […] of this pervasive grime.


[Find the rest of the story at]

Success Instructions: Enterprise for this campaign is low, meaning the challenges will be easier, but less rewarding.

Redirects to: Choose the direction of your campaign Conclusion: Complete the paperwork (Mrs Winthrop's Purifying Soap)